Entry: Been Away Monday, December 04, 2006

I've been taken over by the myspace storm so I haven't spent any time recently on this blog.
I also haven't brewed in awhile until a couple of weeks ago. This was not the fault of myspace. It doesn't have that big a hold on me yet.
I also have a you tube account to which I will soon begin adding video training journals.
Now why would I be working on Training journals? More on that in a second.

We did brew 10 gallons of the Porter recipe with some Cascade hops dried by my coworker Peter. It was like a beer circle at work. Peter grew and dried the Hops, I made the beer, and brought the spent grain to Heidi at work who made really tasty spent grain bread with the spent grain. You could taste the toastyness of the black patent and chocolate malts. Perfect with just butter.

Add 10 more to the tally. Oh, and Joe and Josh Hanson have been brewing almost non stop since taking over housing duties of the Brewing Equipment. Some "experiments" have turned out better than others. Mmmmm. Christmas beer.

SOO, back to the training journal thing. You see, I am going to be riding from Seattle to Washington DC in the summer of 2008, and I figure I better get in shape for it.
Why on earth would I do something this crazy?
Here goes:
Since my diagnosis as a Type 1 diabetic in 2001, I have become very involved in rasing money for the American Diabetes Association, and awareness about diabetes. You might say it's now an issue that hits a little close to home.

By bicycling across the US, I want to do a couple of things.

FIrst, I want to raise money in support of the ADA. But lots of people raise more money than I will be able to, so I need other reasons to do something that crazy.

Second, I want to show average diabetics like myself that they can do great things if they set their minds to it. Diabetes should not be an impediment to living a full life.

Third, I want to generate press for the issues that effect diabetes, and meet with my legislators in DC do discuss the issues. I'm guessing that if I show up having biked 3,500 miles, they might see me.

Fourth, I have always wanted to do something really, really big; much bigger than myself. Overcoming this challenge will be something I plan on looking back on with pride for quite some time. First, however, I have to make it happen.

Stay tuned for more information.


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