Entry: Seattle to Portland Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I completed 204.5 miles in 2 days in 13 hours. I can now say I've biked from Seattle to Portland and I think I'm entitled to brag just a little bit. Not that I did it alone, as 9,000 other riders went with me. On another note, my ass really hurts, and my knees too.

Our first day was 120 miles which is 50 more in a day than I've ever done. The last 20 of that was very painful. After a great nights sleep and some fantastic food from Linda our gracious host, we went the last 84 into Portland. The finish line festival was fun, but all I wanted to do was sit down.

To view some pictures of the amazing amount of bikers on the roads and rest stops, check out my pictures on flickr, in my bicycle set, and my thumbnails on marathon photo.


Sane Kane
November 2, 2006   10:28 PM PST
That was a real (patnox.com) mile stone.
July 19, 2006   11:18 AM PDT
Whoa. OK, I'll admit, that's a disturbingly long distance to ride. We gotta brew come beer to commemorate it.

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