Entry: What a day, what beer... Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It was a fantastic way to start any Saturday, much less the Saturday before Halloween; drinking several damn fine cask conditioned beers, and a few suspect ones.
The first beer of the day for Joey and I turned out to be Fat Woody from Silver City Brewing Company. This was their scotch ale, fat bastard, on oak. It was absolutely devine with a bit of the esther flavor common to scotch ales, mellowed by the oak undertones. Along with a very good scotch ale, this made for the winning brew of the day as voted by the attendees of the 1-4 session.
The second place beer was the imperial stout from Snipes Mt. This was mellowed in french oak and had the buttery chardonnay overtones to show for it. The imperial stout was mellowed by the oak and cask conditioning and had the complexity and velvety smooth touch found in great wines, and a lingering finish that continued to reveal new flavors as it went down.
The oddest beer of the day was the belgian ale from Anacortes Brewing Company. It was "dry hopped" with ginsing. This led it a very distinct, herby smell, and a slightly bitter flavor that was almost medicinal. Upon first taste it wasn't all that unpalateable, but at the end of the sample, it was no longer good.
Other great mentionables will be mentionables later as I have to go to bed, but these were both our selections for the best cask beers, and the attendees voted best, of course, I had them in the reverse order when I voted.

More Later,

Micah "Brewer" Bonkowski


John Mc.
November 12, 2004   12:29 PM PST
My personal favorite (since Hair of the Dog, an Oregon brewery, was unable to represent this year), was easily the good folks at Unibroue, who had five of their bottled brews there. Fine, fine beers all, and it was a thrill be served by Commander Spock, who seemed a bit shorter in real life.

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