Entry: Get yer Tickets Now Monday, September 27, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Northwest. This is your greatest chance to try the best beer put out each year by some great brewers. That's right, it's time for the washington brewers guild cask beer festival. If you've never tried cask conditioned ale, you have to go. If you have tried it, I don't need to urge you to go, You probably already have your tickets.

This is a limited ticket event, on October 30th and we (John, My father, Reed, and I so far) are going to the afternoon session. Each session is 35 bucks, but it's all you can drink. Not some namby pamby token for a dollar for each additional taste. Plus its better beer for the most part.

To get info on getting your tickets, go to the washington brewers guild link to the left and follow the links to the cask brewers festival.

Get on it.



February 16, 2005   06:51 AM PST
Manufactoers of the inflatable Pub
October 27, 2004   11:09 PM PDT
If you are not going to the cask beer festival on Sat. and are not working or taking your Grandma to the doctor, you are dumb.
October 12, 2004   08:57 AM PDT
Joey's in too. It's gonna be a sweet time, and this year, I won't be hungover...
John Mc.
October 11, 2004   09:15 AM PDT
This cracked me up...an article from RealBeer:

Airquee, a British company responsible for the first blow up church, has also
designed a fully working inflatable pub. The pub is 40-feet long, 19 long and
22 high. It can be customized for use as a fully working pub, with room for a
bar and 30 customers. It can be erected in 10 minutes with two small blowers
and can be put on any firm, level surface. Of course, installing a system to
serve beer adds to set up time. Andi Francis, the designer at Airquee who
came up with the idea, said: "You can do everything you would do in normal
pubs. You can even smoke and play darts in it. It has a traditional feel and
is themed on great buildings around the world."

Personally, I can't imagine the dart-playing is _particularly_ a good idea, but who am I to say?
Stephen H.
October 2, 2004   03:08 PM PDT
Plus you can get them way earlier online, but that does not matter now because they are on sale in the various locations. Anyway, after the cask beer festival come to Tim and Steve's for a festival of Halloween fun.
John Mc.
September 30, 2004   02:14 PM PDT
Hopkins and I both have our tickets...saddle up, folks!

BTW, think it's $40 if you purchase online, and 35 if you get it from someplace like the Elysian...but tickets are way more limited at the brewpubs.

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