Entry: Delayed for Progress Friday, August 20, 2004

It has been awhile since I have posted but before I explain let me say that the beer went over extremely well at Bruce's bash/art house party. It inebriated several and resulted in a jolting sing/jam session in the basement wherein I scared everyone away by doing some sort of cajun bayou scat along to the thrumming base. Gladly (hmmmm...) I can remember it all like it was yesterday.
My reason for delay was that I was doggedly pursuing a new line of employment at which I was successful. I am now the proud bearer of the title "Professional Training Coordinator" for the non profit group the Northwest Environmental Training Center a part of the Northwest Environmental Education Council. I am excited and look forward to schmoozing with lots of really smart environmental professionals and network and put on conferences and workshops and seminars from Alaska, Montana and Idaho to Oregon and Washington. I will start in about 3 weeks, I still have much to wrap up at King County so someone else can do my job after me.

One keg of beer left to drink, so if anyone local wants it for a party, let me know.

Micah Brewer Bonkowski


Anne Marie
August 23, 2004   08:09 AM PDT
Yeah, I want it! Fancy meeting you here. I have some friends who have been brewing, doing quite well, I was looking into it, and bam! There you are. I wasn't sure it was you till I saw the platypus, but then I wondered, why not an albatros?

I am in Washington DC now, still in the Army, going through a clinical laboratory course for the next year.
Just wanted to say Hi- shoot me an email at: anne.marie.sterling@us.army.mil.

I didn't start drinking beer till I got into the Army- bad habits, but I love the micro brews and home brews. My friend did a great cherry wheat. DC has one good brewery that I have been to so far, but haven't checked out MD yet. Got any hot tips

Anne Marie

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