Entry: Keg Lube, the best tool I'd never heard of Monday, July 12, 2004

So one of our biggest annoying problems with kegging beer has been leaky lids and fittings. To some extent this is because we are on a tight budget and always buy used soda cornelius kegs which can lead to old gaskets and etched out metal fittings. To our annoyance up until yesterday we could only get two of our 5 lids to seal with our kegs at a time. One can see where this would be a problem when to much beer is available, and not enough sealing keg space.
Last week I began researching the problem in earnest by searching the web for solutions. I found some listings of KEG LUBE. This is a food grade grease that you can use on your fittins to keep the rubber seals on your kegs in good condition, and to help seal the kegs when they have problems sealing. I did a complete run of long overdue keg maintenance this weekend by dismantling all the fittings on each keg, thoroughly cleaning (with help from Joey, thanks so much) and then greasing with KEG LUBE and putting back together. This fixed the problems with all of our kegs but one and so I am sold on this stuff. Plus it's just fun to say. Keg Lube. Heh, Heh...



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